The documentary NOT BROKEN incorporates poetry, music and artworks to illustrate the pain, joy, suffering, hope and, most especially, faith of those who suffered one of the hardest natural disasters to strike the United States in recent memory. In addition, ministers from a wide spectrum of faiths, and other volunteers, who worked with evacuees are included as they are a vital fiber of the story of the people of New Orleans, Biloxi, Pass Christian, and many other communities of the stricken Gulf Coast.


- PLATINUM REMI AWARD - 2008 Worldfest Houston International Film Festival.
- Finalist for best Debut Feature Film at the AFIA Film Festival in Arhus, Denmark.
- Featured at 2nd Annual Buffalo Niagara Film Festival.

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The Pluma Pictures board of directors has approved three feature films for production:

Just Like a Dog
Brandon — a happily married man with two lovely children—is forced to face the deep emotional wounds and scars of his childhood inflicted upon him by his sadistic parents when he sets out to see his brother, Marty, whom he hasn’t seen in 27 years, before his younger brother is executed for murder. Marty’s execution is integral to Brandon facing the demons of his past, which illustrates that violence begets violence. Killing whether committed by an individual or by the state has dire consequences.

Eleanor — a world-renowned heart surgeon and inventor of a highly promising mechanical heart—falls into the abyss of depression and questions her sanity as a result of losing a patient on the operating table due to a lack of judgment. After a seemingly impossible struggle and the assistance of a Healer, Eleanor learns that she is to replace one of three healers in the world with the spiritual charge of keeping pestilence at bay.
  Day of Darkness
is a fable about how Queen Joanna, ruler of a mighty nation, which existed before humanity, learns how to love at the risk of losing her kingdom and the destruction of her people.


Our ancestors gathered around the fire to hear and share stories. Today, we gather in dark theaters and around television sets and computers to do the same. Stories are not just information;
they are life-giving and empowering or not......