You can become part of our team in a number of ways:

First, whenever appropriate, tell people about us and our cause of producing movies about heroes and heroines who stand up for noble causes. Word-of-mouth is powerful and can help fuel a movement such as ours.

Join our Sharing the Vision Campaign by donating funds which will help us make our movies possible. As you well know, making movies takes millions of dollars. We are not asking you to donate millions. Give us whatever you can afford.
We are building a strong base of support - Friends of Pluma Pictures - which is comprised of people from all walks of life who want to be part of a production company that is dedicated to producing movies about values, such as peace, tolerance, family, truth and beauty. We believe that there are millions of people, like you, who believe in our cause. And together we will make our movies possible.

Man of the People – Dr. Hector P. Garcia
We need funds to complete our feature length docudrama about Dr. Hector P. Garcia. A docudrama is film that incorporates both documentary and dramatic reenactments. In our docudrama, we will include reenactments of Dr. Hector’s personal life, including the time when he first fell in love with the lovely woman he married, Wanda, and when they lost their only son to a freak accident.

How to donate
- For donations via check, please print and fill out our Friends of Pluma Pictures membership form. Make out your check to Pluma Pictures, Inc. and mail to:

Armando P. Ibáñez
353 E. Sale RD
Lake Charles, LA 70605

For donations via PayPal,
click the button below. It's fast, secure and easy.


We are a 501c, non-profit, and your donations are tax deductible.

For Other Ways of Giving – contact:
Armando P. Ibanez

Thank you for making your generous gift payable to Pluma Pictures.
Please give us the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of people you think will want to become Friends of Pluma Pictures, Inc.. Thank you!


Our ancestors gathered around the fire to hear and share stories. Today, we gather in dark theaters and around television sets and computers to do the same. Stories are not just information;
they are life-giving and empowering or not......